My name is Gavin Saul and I’m a graduate of the University of Florida, class of 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications: Media and Society. After living in the great city of Gainesville for 6 years, I have decided to get back to my roots and move to my hometown of Orlando, FL. One thing that UF has taught me outside of class is that “Gator Nation” is everywhere.

My current experience with social media ranges from what I’ve learned on my own time to what I was taught during my undergraduate years. I find it astonishing how social media works and the ways in which it can connect people from around the world. There seems to be something new every day that has some sort of relation to social media, and I love that.

I’m currently working in Orlando, FL, managing the social media outlets for Lake Highland Prep. I feel with experience comes learning and without experience you will never learn. This job has expanded my knowledge of social media immensely, especially in the ways in which we promote products to students via social media outlets that directly connects them with our online store. Being able to incorporate social media with our textbooks, products and general merchandise, it has allowed our consumers (students/parents) to respond in a rather positive fashion. We have seen sales jump roughly 15% from the previous year, and we attribute that to our use of various social media outlets, which allows easier connectivity and service to our consumers.

I really want this class to take my knowledge of social media to the next level. Being self-taught has only taken me so far and there is more I need to learn and I’m hoping this class will integrate what I know with what I need to know so that I can improve my knowledge. From this degree, I want the same thing as I do from this class. To be ahead of the game in social media because it’s the present and future of the way in which the world communicates.

I’m an avid sports fan. Non-traditionally to the “American Culture,” my favorite sport is futbol (soccer) and I love the Chelsea Football club in England. I enjoy traveling with my friends and family. There is just something about getting away from it all with the people you love. My childhood friend and I are currently working on a vLog that shows our viewpoints of the sporting world, with a rather “unique” tone.



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