Effective Communication (Lecture-Week2)

As the lecture talked about the importance of knowing your audience, it started making me really look into what companies and businesses are putting on their social media. From who I follow, there seems to be a complete strategy by the popular brands, but not so much the smaller ones. Clothing retailers offering opinions on recent current events and popular people on twitter telling you who you “should” follow really don’t cater to the reasons why someone would support/like/follow a certain page. There also seems to be problem with the amount of posts a company makes per day. As the lecture stated, it is recommended to have roughly 1-4 an hour, I sometimes see it in the teens. Whenever someone I follow, person or business, I immediately unfollow them because there is no way I can tune in to what they are trying to show their audience. It actually seems to hurt credibility with a company when your feed is entirely of their posts. It makes you wonder are they desperate for followers? Have no strategy? Don’t know their audience?

The time scales in the popularity of read posts or updates is something unfamiliar to me. Now knowing the statistics of the best time to tweet/post/update provides a lot of insight into things I was doing wrong, as well as noticing other people making the same mistake. I notice this predominately on twitter. Something important will show up and due to the poorly written clutter and lack of information in the 140 characters, I find myself ignoring it. It was posted at a poor time of day and seemed to only used to bolster the reputation of their website, which is something people don’t necessarily have time for, especially at 10am on a Monday.

I feel people are more informal with their interactions. They want to keep it simple and get to the point. Companies on the other hand seem too formal, possibly because they don’t want to abbreviate something that might make them look stupid or unable to communicate effectively. To connect efficiently, hashtags have become a huge success. It brings people together who are interested in one common subject. Businesses who struggle with rather to use a business account, an online manager or whether the site will accept it is difficult. I feel that one voice for many is the way to go. The “manager” will take the company’s ideas and relay them to the followers, they will also have the time and awareness to see what is popular and the emotions the followers are having about the product or brand.



2 thoughts on “Effective Communication (Lecture-Week2)

  1. It seems like a lot of companies/organizations are still trying to figure out how to create a plan of attack in regards to their social media accounts. Strategy is such a crucial part of online branding that I think is lacking for a lot of sites and I think more and more you are seen companies.organizations that have teams solely responsible for social media content so their is a clear, unified message being delivered.

    • Exactly, Emily. I think we will predominately see well thought and appropriate comments for these companies who are starting to understand the importance it has on their product.

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