Intriguing Content that Promotes Interaction (Week 3 Lecture)

Good content and relationship building have become to foundation of success for brands trying to promote themselves via digital channels. Everyone interprets information in their own way, but no one can deny consistency. The way of communicating with an audience in which they feel “involved,” provides better business all around. It’s essential to listen to your customers in order to maintain a positive relationship. The creation of solid communication makes customers feel like they are connected to the brand, which in turn, will prompt them to spread the brand message.

You have to look at any post you make from the user perspective who you are sending your message to, and whether or not what you say is engaging enough to promote some sort of conversation. The best way to go about this is to ensure content is entertaining, fun, interesting and relevant. These few factors, among many, give the audience a reason to want to follow your brand/page. Provide the audience with a story with an attractive headline that entitles them to further browse your brand.

Content that gives value and stays consistent entices me into a brand. I appreciate brands when they show appreciation for their audiences, since there are many brands competing to be on top of various products, they need to know we are voluntarily involved in their brand. The ways in which I apply good content from others to my profile(s) is to take what these brands/people say and interpret it through my own eyes. I think how can I relay this information to my networks in a way in which they will find it as entertaining or as informative as I did. I enjoy well thought out posts that keep the user in mind, not just advertising.

content is king

5 Twitter brands/people that I follow that create great content are: ESPN, Nike, FOX News, Michelle Beadle and Deadspin. They stay consistent with their content and 9/10 times it’s something informative, interesting and entertaining to me and what I look for in brands/people that I am enthused about. I feel it’s worth giving a chance to any brand or person on social media to see what they bring to the table, it’s just as easy to add someone as it is to drop them.

I proposed the question on Facebook, “Do you still fear for your potential loss of privacy when using social media, or are you becoming more comfortable with sharing information online?” Results of the 10 answers varied greatly from being fearful to accepting that anything done online isn’t entirely private. I learned from this that most respondents are “cautiously comfortable,” meaning they don’t want to provide too much personal information, but don’t mind sharing some of it. I feel it’s what people have experienced with using the internet/social media thus far that determines there current mindset on the issue. Since social media is becoming more of a social norm, people are now accepting that losing some privacy is just part of being a participant.


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