YouTube and Pinterest: Increasing Brand Awareness (Week 7 Readings)

When you hear talks of social media platforms, rarely does “YouTube” enter that conversation. Why? Because people aren’t aware that YouTube is actually a social media platform and it’s having positive impact on brands and businesses who utilize it to promote their agendas. As Rich Brooks states, you can add friends, subscribe to channels, “like” and “favorite” videos and even comment on them. This bears a striking resemblance to youtubethe other social media platforms we are all familiar with, right?

Another social media platform that has been underutilized as part of brand strategy is Pinterest. This platform has grown exponentially and can now assist a brand in bringing in business and revenue/According to Kathleen Davis, Pinterest can drive massive quality traffic to your site, builds relationships that can increase credibility, and is overall a better choice than Facebook and Twitter for sharing business product images and videos. The “pin it” function allows users to take a piece of content from a brand, “pin it” to the board on their profile and share it with followers. Brands bring in prospects and appeal to consumers by sharing content/products in an exciting and noticeable fashion on Pinterest, which in turns brings awareness to the brand. Pinterest can help you build a community of vibrant prospects that can become leads and customers, says Roy Okupe.


Pinterest should undoubtedly be part of any brands social media marketing strategy. The platform is growing leaps and bounds and users are becoming more active. YouTube should also be integrated into the strategy because it also boasts an immense amount of uses. According to Harry McCracken, YouTube exhibits four billion hours of viewership a month and is more popular than ever. To stay with what is current in the ever-changing field of social media, these two platforms are a current “must have” for any brand strategy. Not only are both cost-efficient, but each has the power to reach massive amounts of audiences.

How would you best incorporate YouTube and Pinterest into your social media strategy?

Do you feel you are currently utilizing YouTube and Pinterest effectively? If not, how can you?


2 thoughts on “YouTube and Pinterest: Increasing Brand Awareness (Week 7 Readings)

  1. Hi Gavin,

    Great post! I use Pinterest now for my business strategy. Part of what I do is find compelling content that has a good visual to share on Pinterest and then I post it from one of my sites or the actual page the content originated from in order to grow followers. I was a little skeptic, but it has worked. I mean, it hasn’t grown my business, but it has added followers and even a comment here or there. That is something I think helps because influence and growth always helps in my opinion.
    As far as YouTube goes, I am sure that I should be using it. It is such a huge platform that so many people turn to for so many different things, the problem is, I don’t want to be on camera. Honestly, I just don’t. I studied Broadcast Journalism in college and decided to go a different way, so the fact that I will at some point need to start making videos is highly depressing, but I know I should. Even if they are basic “how to” videos about social media, you would be shocked at how many people look those kinds of things up.

  2. Thanks for the reply, Amanda.
    I feel I’m currently under-utilizing both of these platforms. Haven’t used Pinterest like I should because I hadn’t known the benefits of it prior to taking this class. I like the way you use it for your business, a follower or comment here and there can only benefit you. I always feel like the more exposure, the better. YouTube is just harder to create content in my eyes. I understand you don’t like being in front of the camera, which makes it even more difficult. Like you said though, we need to step up the YouTube game because it really does build brand awareness.

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