Analytics: The Social Media “IT” Factor (Week 9 Readings)

Interaction is the foundation of social media. It’s great to know that we have the option to check how our profiles do on various social media platforms when it comes to interaction. The use of analytics gives us this wonderful information on how we perform on various social networks. To assist we are given several social media analytics tools such as: Klout, Sprout Social and Hootsuite. These programs track your profile content and give you detailed feedback on their performance. The more interaction you receive from your content, the better.

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One of the best ways to obtain positive interaction from your social media content is not just providing good content, but to listen to your audience and cater to their needs. Peter Odryna, CEO of Social Ears, suggests 4 social media techniques for conversion:

1) Learn the Lingo – weeding out invaluable information to find snippets of useful information

2) See the Trend – know what topics are trending at the time, and use it to your advantage.

3) Become an Expert – thoroughly know and learn the ins-and-outs of analytics

4) Land the Client – provide them with a plan, not an empty promise

Analytics can be a brand or persons best friend. You have to understand the concept of what is the best and most efficient way to get yield positive brand content to your Courtesy: Syda Productionsaudience. When you stay atop of the social media realm, you build trust and credibility, which is increasingly important in the continual competitiveness in today’s markets.

A 5-step plan social media analytics plan created by Araceli Perez can also be of assistance. It shows you the best way to measure results of a social media strategy. This is crucial to any brand on social media because you want to know where you are succeeding the most. For instance, if you are receiving more interaction from Twitter and less from Facebook, you should adjust your strategy to where you market is. That’s the great thing about analytics, they provide you with necessary information on your social standing on each platform.

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Brands will increasingly realize the massive value they can unlock from this data in terms of understanding motivations, trends, and behavior of the people, according to Nils Mork Ulnes. Once you gain consumer insights, you then have the power to adapt your strategy to accompany their wants and needs. Consumers will then realize brands are listening to them and it will provide them incentive to share, which benefits both parties. Analytics is the backbone to social media success for any brand or entity trying to promote their agendas. Utilizing these analytics correctly can be the determining factor between failure and success.

What social media analytic tool do you prefer to use, if you do?

What social platform do you experience the most interaction from based off of your analytics?

How personally important are analytics to you and your social media account(s)?


4 thoughts on “Analytics: The Social Media “IT” Factor (Week 9 Readings)

  1. I really like using enterprise. It is easy to schedule posts on this platform, and you can also see how those posts are doing. Truth be told, I really need to dive into the analytics side of this tool a bit more. I tend to look at my site’s overall traffic, yet need to break down which channels are actually referring that traffic. Facebook is where I see the most interaction and I enjoy how Facebook has analytics semi-built into pages so you can see if your reach has increased or decreased from week to week.

    • I agree with you, Amanda. I also feel like I know the overall basics of analytics, but still need to dive deeper into the numbers to truly understand all the value these tools have. I think with time and experience, we will start understanding the in-depth analytics that these tools provide. I must say though, utilizing these analytics are invaluable. It’s really awesome to have these tools that monitor our success or failure (that might be too extreme of a word, but you see what I mean) on these social media platforms.

  2. Gavin,

    I think analytics are a cornerstone of any social media strategy. I have seen many so called social media experts proclaim success but never have any data to back it up. I understand counting views but that is only one and relative metric. I find that if you cant show success you are wasting time. It seems that some marketing professionals are notoriously bad at proving results.

    • Understandable, Janis. It’s good these analytic tools are around now so people have some sort of idea how successful you are. I know success isn’t entirely measured through these metrics, but boasting a solid score on these platforms definitely doesn’t hurt. Thanks for you reply!

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