Make It or Break It with SEO! (Week 10 Readings)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO’s are crucial to the success of any brand. It’s amazing the drastic difference off traffic hits from search engines websites receive based on where they rank via SEO. According to Chitika Insights,  a website with the first position in Google results receives 33% of the search traffic for a keyword or phrase, compared to 18% for the second position. This graph exemplifies just how important it is to rank atop of search engines:


So the question is, how do you build up your SEO presence to keep your brand prominent via search? Cognito, a PR and Marketing Firm, suggests:

Content – good, consistent content that is updated regularly.

Keywords – the right keywords are important and Google Analytics assists in telling you which phrases receive the most goal conversions.

Text Styling – incorporating italics and bold font increases hit chances.

Images/Videos – optimize images/videos by using keywords in the title and alt tag.Courtesy: Arcady31

Hyperlinks – use hyperlink phrases that contain your keywords.

Analytics – one of the most important parts of SEO, analytics should be thoroughly monitored.


One very helpful way for people to have content rank higher is to post with Google+. You are substantially more likely to yield higher search engine results when content is published to your G+ account. If you share content out on Google+ and people indicate they like it by clicking on the “Google +”button, this will help with ranking content, according to Ian Cleary.

Courtesy: stevanzzThere is no better time than now to incorporate positive SEO into your brand’s online campaign. Take advantage of what is on the internet that assists with your SEO strategy. Google Webmaster tools can also be highly beneficial because it informs you of problems it identifies when indexing your site.

Do you currently use Google Analytics or Google Webmaster with your site, if so, do you feel it’s effective?

What else do you feel is important to SEO that isn’t listed above?

Do you regularly post your external content on Google + to increase search traffic opportunities?


4 thoughts on “Make It or Break It with SEO! (Week 10 Readings)

  1. Great post Gavin! I’ll tackle your second and third questions, since I just added Google Analytics to my blog! (Wish we had be informed earlier in the semester, oh well!)

    You’re list is pretty extensive and complete, the only thing I would add would be to consider mobile. If your website has a responsive design, the SEO will translate to the mobile device. That being said, you should consider how fast your mobile site loads and if things like pictures and videos appear well on mobile devices. These types of things, if not working properly, can hurt your search rankings.

    As for Google+, it should be every business’ best friend! I’ve gotten much better about sharing content on my organization’s Google+ page in the last year and often when I do random searches those posts do appear. It’s a great tool and easy to manage for any business.

    • Yea, mobile accessibility is a huge plus. We are on the go so much and it really makes everything run so much smoother if it loads quickly. Google+ really is great, it does promote your content in ways in which other platforms can’t. I know I’ve certainly started using more and more.
      Thanks for your reply.

  2. We all know using Google+ is a HUGE component for high SEO. To be honest, I haven’t been as consistent with this as I would like. I did sign up for Hootesuite last week though. I hope this will help me post more regularly on Google+ and move up in the rankings! Good post!

    • Hey Alexis, Google+ definitely does provide tons of benefits to SEO. It’s great that this platform offers this, allows us the opportunity to get our names out. Thanks for posting!

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