FIFA’s usage of SEO (Assignment 1)

The International Federation of Association Football, commonly known as FIFA, is the global governing body of all association soccer. FIFA is Brazil_Soccerprimarily responsible for organizing major international tournaments and cups. Most notably the “World Cup,” which is one of the most viewed sporting events in the world.

Since FIFA is basically the “head” name in the world of soccer, I believe they will rank in the upper echelon of search results. Below is a list of Courtesy: stevanzz10 keywords I feel embody the “FIFA” brand. I did a “Google Search” on the following 10 keywords to see exactly where FIFA ranks in accordance to each:

(Note: Since Google takes into account your current location when searching, I’ve expanded my search location to all of the United States. This will help to nullify search results based solely off of my geographical location. Search shows 10 results per page)

  1. Soccer: Page 2, Result #1
  2. Football: Beyond 20 pages
  3. World Cup: Page 1, Result #1
  4. Football Associations: Page 1, Result #5
  5. Brazil: Page 1, Result #4
  6. International Soccer: Page 1, Result #1
  7. Ballon d’Or: Page 1, Result #1
  8. Soccer News: Page 1, Result #6
  9. Soccer Matches: Page 1, Result #5
  10. Soccer Rankings: Page 1, Result #2

Courtesy: natursports

As you can see above, FIFA has performed well via SEO. They maintain and update content efficiently to stay current. Upon further review of the FIFA website, I viewed the coding (html/alt tags) to see if any of these keywords appear on the homepage. Here are the results:

  1. Soccer: 2 times in meta keywords and meta properties.
  2. Football: 52 times, but considering search was in the United States; it was more prone to show American Football results, as opposed to European Football results.
  3. World Cup: 35 times throughout content, image alt’s, meta titles and links
  4. Football Associations: 9 times in meta description, meta titles, meta properties and meta keywords.
  5. Brazil: 19 times in image alt, links and meta titles
  6. International Soccer: 0 times, but the word “international” was shown 12 times with various supporting words.
  7. Ballon d’Or: 42 times. Used aggressively based on the date of this award being the same day this blog post was composed, January 13, 2014.
  8. Soccer News: 0 times, but the word “news” appeared 189 times.
  9. Soccer Matches: 0 times, but the word “matches” appeared 4 times in links and meta titles.
  10. Soccer Rankings: 3 times in meta title and meta properties.


Overall, FIFA does a great job of implementing these keywords throughout their homepage. Added with the credibility and reputation of this brand, efficiently using SEO’s makes them a top contender for spots on various related industry search queries. It is to be expected of an organization of this magnitude though to be on top of these types of searches because they have the resources to be. Nevertheless, they’re going about SEO in the right way that keeps consumers involved in their online agenda.


9 thoughts on “FIFA’s usage of SEO (Assignment 1)

  1. Hi Gavin,

    It’s Juan Di Prado. I liked the direction you took with your assignment. I think you did an excellent job, and by the way I am a big FIFA fan. Looking at some of the results you got, I wonder if instead of using the american word “footbal” maybe the Spanish translation “Futbol” would have triggered a higher ranking. I agree with you that the word football here is much more associated to American Football as opposed to soccer. Speaking of which, it also surprised me that using the word soccer the first result was on page 2, I would have thought it would come up on page 1, but I guess that goes to show how Google rankings are based on many different factors. Finally, I liked that you chose the word Brazil, it goes to show how important events like this can be for certain cultures, and I guess the prove of it was that FIFA appeared ranked on the first page.

    keep up the good work my friend!

    • Hey Juan, Since soccer is such an international sport, I had pondered using various translations of the word based on location, but opted not to. Since I searched solely United States results, I figured a foreign translation might yield fewer results and get confusing for the assignment. FIFA definitely made a good move by enhancing their homepage with the keyword “Brazil.” It shows that they are staying current and keeping their site SEO friendly.

  2. Hi Gavin,

    I, too, am a huge international football fan. I really enjoyed reading what you discovered about how FIFA uses SEO. I think you used great targeted keywords, most notably “Ballon d’Or” and “World Cup,” which resulted in the top search results. During my search for international toy-maker, LEGO, I used much more broad keywords and had fewer top results.

    Like Juan commented above, I would be interested to know what the results would be had you searched in other languages, particularly because Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is so much better known and recognized in other parts of the world.

    Thanks for including the screen shot of the meta tags. It really helps serve your point that FIFA is efficiently using SEO.

    • Hey AnnMarie,
      I too had the same thought when I finished this post, “I wonder what would have happened if I searched all of Europe?” I would think the results would be higher, if anything, because soccer is just more popular on that side of the world.

  3. Just a thought: Do you think if you spelled “football” (i.e. futbol) differently your search results would have been different? Despite this one lower search result I found it interesting to see how high FIFA ranks. With soccer being an international sport and people all over the world typing in different keywords FIFA still has an outstanding SEO…that’s awesome!

    Just curious, why you didn’t include any video game keywords when doing this exercise? The only real exposure I have had to FIFA comes from watching my brothers play the game. We know FIFA ranks number one in web search for World Cup but how does it compare to other sports like NCAA Football in the gaming world?

    Another thing I found interesting was FIFA’s coding. It is crazy to me that FIFA doesn’t include a lot of keywords (other than football and soccer) yet they still rank high with keywords like “soccer matches.” Why do you think that is? Great post!

    • Hey Alexis, Absolutely, if I were to include “futbol” in the search it would have yielded different results. I thought about doing that, but just wanted to keep it “Americanized,” I guess you could say. I didn’t include any keywords based on the FIFA video game because they don’t actually sell the game on the website. I also wasn’t really considering that side of the FIFA, but it would have been interesting if I were to have. They rank high in these searches because they do have those keywords with the same meanings. Matches = Fixtures, etc. They also have a good reputation that gives them that push to the top.

  4. Hey, Gavin! Great post. I personally can’t wait for the World Cup! It’s going to be an amazing event.

    I think you covered all the most important key words that make sense for FIFA. I do agree with your comment regarding differentiating key words in terms of language. Keeping it in English for the English-speaking audience makes sense. Actually, I think that including key words that are not directly related to soccer is a good idea. It does show that you thought about the audience’s psychographics and wanted to incorporate a unique key word.

    • Hi Aldona, I felt that keeping all the keyword content relevant to United States just made sense for this type of assignment. One main reason I did this was to try and keep everything in the same language, since FIFA is so multinational.

  5. Of all of our classmates’s searches, yours seems to have found the most SEO-oriented company around. At first I was quite surprised “football” didn’t get you anywhere, until re-reading that your search parameters were set for only the United States, where we call it “soccer.” Did you open up the search parameters to include international pages? If not I’d wager Fifa would pop up very quickly, as it did for most of your searches. But even your results for “soccer” are surprising to me. Given Fifa is the international governing body, I would think they’d make the first page on that search as well. I noticed you didn’t attempt any sort of search related to FIFA’s World Cup Soccer video game series. Not that I know what key word I’d use, that doesn’t use the company’s name, but did anything for the games come up even under the “World Cup” search?

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