Google Yourself…See what comes up!


It’s always interesting to see what comes up when you Google search your name. It’s different for everyone and many variables determine what will come up and from what page. Regardless, Google searching yourself is very important in regards to who you are. Just as you have a persona in real-life, you also have an online persona. The lines that once separated the two are fading away and people are now using online reputation as part of their “evaluations” for who you are. We used to have that separation between our personal and professional lives, but not so much anymore.


Here are 5 reasons why you should Google yourself, according to this article:

1)   Being clueless is not a good thing: Have a general idea of your digital surroundings and stay on top of things that might involve you.

2)   You need to know who is saying what: You have to know who is posting content about you so you can act on it, communicate and resolve any issues.

3)   Take action against defamatory content: If something isn’t true about you, contact the appropriate party to have it removed from search results.

4)   Suppress the negatives, improve the positives: Try to get negative search results to appear lower or off the 1st page of searches so people won’t be able to see it as easily.

5)   Own the first page of Google Results: Dominate search results with your content. The ultimate goal is to be at the top of a Google search.

When doing a Google Search on myself, I wasn’t surprised at what comes up because I usually do a search a few times a week on my name, as well as have alerts sent to my email, just so I can monitor my “online image.”

When searching name:

I do not appear at the top of Google as far as Facebook goes, that is a different Gavin. This is because I still have my Facebook settings somewhat private and have had them that way for some time. I feel like it’s safe to change it, since I’m now publishing more and more on the net, but for the time being, my Facebook result a wasn’t on the first 5 pages of Google. As that is definitely not good, it’s nice to know that Facebook is doing its job as far as keeping my profile more privatized since those are the settings I chose. It is important to dominate the first page of Google though, so needless to say, my Facebook settings might be changed in the near future.


My Blog, Twitter and Pinterest was also part of my first page results. This does not surprise me, I’m actually quite happy about it though. Much of the content I’ve posted as far as “works” on the Internet has been to this blog. It’s nice to know that Google is ranking my results high in their algorithm. I’m also lucky enough to have a somewhat unique name, as opposed to a “Mike Smith,” which helps eliminate some competition.

I’ve already stated I want me Facebook results higher, but I also want my Google+ results higher. The best way to do this is to keep putting content on the platform. I don’t use Google+ as actively as I should, even though I know it’s benefits (makes sense right). When I start actively linking content to my Google+ page, it probably won’t have the search results of it on next to my “online poker” stats from 2007.


I also noticed something interesting, when typing in my name on Google.


This blog and my Google+ profile showed up. I’m not sure if that has something to do with my web presence as far as it seeing my search history, but I thought that was pretty interesting. It further proves the emphasis that Google is putting on individual’s Google+ profiles.

When searching e-mail:search_email

I didn’t receive many results, because I try to keep my email very professional related. I do have a different email that I use occasionally online when I think they are going to start spamming me after they get it. As far as the email that I use most, the only results I got was my Google+ profile.


Ranking on top of “Google Searches” is truly invaluable to a brand’s online reputation. It becomes harder when you are trying to get something other than your name out there because you face immense competition. I feel that using SEO’s effectively, being active on social platforms, and creating good and efficient content are key to dominating a Google search. If your going to be online, you need to stay active and monitor what is being said about you and your brand. People are now using what they see online as a basis for who you are as a person. Your digital and real-life “self” is on the path of conjoining, so be ready!


8 thoughts on “Google Yourself…See what comes up!

  1. I like how you described not only the importance of reputation management for your company, but for yourself as well. Reputation management is a large part of my job. But when it comes to my personal profiles, I don’t really pay much attention to it. The five tips that you mentioned not only apply to company profiles, but personal profiles as well. Also, like you, I don’t have a very common name. To me, it makes it much more important to ensure that the searchable content posted about me is truly representative of who I am. On the plus side, my profiles show up in the top search results because my name is uncommon. Nice Post!

    • It’s always nice to see yourself high in Google results. Protecting your reputation is so crucial in today’s market. The lines of separation between real life and online life are so blurred together now that it really is important to focus on both and make sure you are getting what you think you deserve.

  2. I found the same thing when searching for my name, with the Google+ information appearing. It looks like it was doing that because I was signed into Google at the time. When I signed out it didn’t appear although I’m not sure that it affected the search results beyond that.

  3. Hi Gavin,

    I like your last comment, about your online and real life coming together. I think if you’re trying to brand yourself it’s important to present a cohesive image. I also like the 5 points you highlight, especially the first about being clueless. In today’s society, where everyone seems to have access to just about everything, it’s so important to ensure that your information is not being misused. Children in particular might not always understand that what they post online can be accessed by people around the world, and could have serious consequences.

    • Exactly! Just as you try to maintain a positive reputation in your every day life, you need to do the same online. I like to look at it as, where do people find employees? Online! It’s almost as if your character is first judged online, prior to any face-to-face contact. Thus making your online reputation ever so important.
      If it’s put online, it never “entirely” goes away.

  4. Hi Gavin,
    I liked how you posted the top 5 reasons people should Goggle themselves from the website. It was interesting to read. I didn’t think about typing in my email into the search bar, but my Google+ and class blog showed up also. 🙂

  5. One thing I wish I did more for this assignment would be searching for myself other name first name/last name and email. Perhaps adding my name or putting my search in ” ” would have been different.

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