People Supporting People with Crowdfunding

My first impression from going to the Kickstarter crowdfunding website was that people like to be involved in innovative things Kickstarter_logoand in turn, people like to be rewarded for being involved. I like the whole “backer” aspect of this crowdfunding platform and the reward they get for pledging money varies with the value that is pledged. It’s a great way to keep people involved in a campaign, because you are way more likely to get support if you offer something in return.

I came across a few projects that interested me on the website. One of them being SOSU Barrel-Aged Sriracha. Barrel-Aged SrirachaI’ve always loved this type of condiment and use it on a wide variety of foods. They age the sauce to give it a fruity, spicy and smoky flavor, 3 great flavor combinations. Their entire story is very moving and you can tell they really have a passion for creating amazing condiments. Their incentives for donating aren’t as rewarding as some other projects I’ve come across, but that just shows the love people have for this flavor of sauce (considering they are willing to donate $25 to receive a bottle). People also seemed to support this page not just to be rewarded, but also to get the product on the shelf.  


It has gotten some rave reviews from legitimate sources, and they have well on their way to the ultimate goal of raising $100,000. I didn’t donate, but they will have a buyer in me when the product goes mainstream.

Another project I was quite fond of was the Sports Media Training Camp. It is a 2-week intensive course that assists people with making their dreams come true in becoming a sports broadcaster. SportsMedia_imageThere isn’t one definitive way to get into the industry, but this program puts you on the exact path you need. I actually sent a message to the project head, David Gow, in hopes of being a candidate for a spot in this program. I think it’s a project that could go a long way, and I definitely plan on being a backer.


As far as having creating a project to add to Kickstarter, I’m not currently there yet. I was highly impressed with many of the projects on this site, and you really have to find something that can interest people enough to reach your financial goals. It has to be something concrete that people support, not just a thought. I would like to use this crowdfunding platform for when I do have a project that needs funding. I just want to make sure when I add my project; it is as professional and cohesive as possible.

Props to these types of websites though, people funding people’s dreams…pretty inspiring to say the least.


8 thoughts on “People Supporting People with Crowdfunding

  1. Hey Gavin,

    I STILL haven’t tried Sriracha, but I know so many people love it, so I was interested to read about the barrel aged version! I think it sounds very sophisticated! The fact that people who pledge enough can get their own barrel kit, is pretty awesome! I also think you did a great thing by applying to the program! I hope you get accepted! It sounds intense, but that it will definitely help you.
    I also think it is pretty amazing to fund someone else’s dreams. I wish I could be this creative and come up with a product, but it just isn’t the way my brain works. Great post!

    • Sriracha is a must try, if you like that spicy, chipotle like taste. Definitely gives off a great flavor that can be added to a variety of food.
      The program seems interesting, we’ll see what happens with my inquiry. I like knowing that crowdfunding platforms let people’s passions come to life. It’s hard to get funding through banks and such nowadays, but they are no match for the power of people. Like I said, it’s inspiring to see people believe in people so much they are willing to donate.

  2. SRIRACHA SALT?? OMG. I really hope this brand makes to the grocery store near my house soon. Sriracha is good only on, like, everything, and I love that these guys are offering cool variations on an always awesome condiment.

    The sports media training camp project sounds neat, too. Where are you hoping to end up — TV, radio, digital/print? Do you have any specific companies in mind as a goal? I hope you get everything you want!

    I was really impressed with the projects, too. Locally (Birmingham), there weren’t a whole lot of projects that interested me. But while looking at the design and technology products from all over, I kept thinking “What a great idea!” over and over as I scrolled. There are some smart and creative people out there, and I am glad that sites like this exist for like-minded people to help fund ideas that might otherwise go unnoticed.

    • Sriracha is amazing, couldn’t agree more. I am open to be involved in any of the fields, just want to learn more about them to see what best fits me. That’s what I kept thinking, “Great Idea!” So many innovative things that seem so obvious that you wonder why you can’t buy them in the stores already. Sites like this need to exist when it is becoming more challenging every day to get funding.

  3. Your title reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld where George makes up a foundation called ‘The Human Fund: money for people’ haha but essentially that is what Kickstarter is! I love how you found two campaigns that stuck out to you, one product which you’d buy as a consumer and one program which you’d like to participate in. Let us know how it goes with the sports media camp!

    • Great episode, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Hopefully I can get my hands on both projects, a little sriracha on my sub while sitting in a conference room for the sports program 🙂

  4. Hi Gavin,

    I agree with your last point. Before one starts a funding project, one really needs to think about what it is that they’re trying to accomplish. Simply posting a random idea won’t work with possible backers. The project I liked the most was very detailed, and really presented the complete idea along with video and pictures. Other projects only had the overall text but didn’t really give much information about how the project was going to be carried forward.

    • The more “professional” one of the projects look, the more interest I show in it. It just tells me they are serious about the project and are really trying to make something out of it.

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