Analyzing “beIN Sports USA” Social Media Strategy

beIN headerbeIN Sports is a global network of sports channels that has recently launched two additional channels in the United States. beIN Sports televises many of the worlds greatest events, predominately football (or soccer). In analyzing beIN Sports USA’s social media efforts, I have drawn the conclusion that they keep their content entertaining on social media, just as they do on television.

One thing that stands out to me is the way they get their audience involved in matches. They love to hear their followers opinions on who they think is going to win, what matches are they looking forward to, what team are you rooting for, etc? All of these types of questions bring in a variety of engagement between followers and the brand. It also assists beIN because they are able to promote the events they are showing, while letting people interact. beIN also utilizes the # (hashtag) features of social media brilliantly.


beIN Sports USA are highly active on social media and never skip a beat. They are involved in social media on any event that is in relation to their product. This is a great lesson for people to learn that work with building a brand on social media. Getting involved, listening, communicating and beINuseswordswellengaging with the audience enhance beIN’s overall reputation. When a brand puts their content into what is trending on social media, it gives them a better chance to promote their brand, as well as communicate with current and potential audiences.

They have the voice that can appeal to any soccer fans. Every post has enthusiasm, just as if you can hear it in your head. The way they present their content brings the post to life, something that is hard to do with only text, not speech. Here is an example of this:


beIn example2

beIN achieves successful journalism, communication and engagement with their audience. Their content is consistent and continuously entertaining and informative. It also brings out the “die-hard fans” that can have conversations with others who are similar, just based off of a social media post done by beIN. Soccer fans (especially those in America) can unite in the fact we are now given a more in-depth, real and personable style of social media communications from a network who prides themselves on the great game of soccer.


2 thoughts on “Analyzing “beIN Sports USA” Social Media Strategy

  1. As you know Gavin, sport is a perfect partner for social media. Bein Sports gives everyone the chance to be a pundit and have their say. If this makes the viewer feel significant and makes the experience of watching more fun, this can only help the relationship. Do they RT incitful comments?

    • I agree, sports and social media go hand in hand. I love seeing the vast array of opinions, comments and chants from the fans, makes the games so much more entertaining. beIN does well, they do retweet insightful comments on occasion, but they are more so active in creating the conversation for people to have with each other. There are many sports networks out there that have great social media presence, I love it!

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