Moderation Sensation

Moderation on social media is extremely important. You always want to be on top of every comment that is directed at or related to your brand. Successful moderation has to appeal to a wide array of people, cultures and lives. You have to cater to each individual and respect who they are and what they are about, even if you do not practice similar lifestyles. I feel a great technique is to be relatable.


Being relatable lets you see things from other people’s perspective. It helps you understand where they are coming from and how they act. Everyone has there own side and opinion on things, and it is important to observe and understand the point they are trying to make, try to relate to it in one way or another, then resolve the issue.

Now the question arises about how people act or what people say on certain platforms. In taking a closer look at Facebook and Twitter, I feel that the norms of behavior differ on each network. Since Facebook doesn’t necessarily prohibit the amount of characters used in a post, it gives people more of an opportunity to voice their opinions, thoughts and beliefs in-depth. I feel this leads to more aggressive and vulgar content, to which can be harder to moderate.

Weighing the Positives vs Negatives

You don’t want to tell people how to talk, that will get you nowhere. The best route is to moderate it with a very light touch, be somewhat relatable, but never stoop to a level that can hurt your brand reputation. It is also O.K to take a backseat on some of these conversations, if it isn’t directly impacting your brand. You can slightly moderate and suggest the users try to resolve their issues with individual messaging, instead of posting publicly.

Twitter is different than Facebook in that the amount of character allowance per post is relatesubstantially less. The one thing Twitter has over Facebook is the amount of powerful people and organizations that actively use the platform to directly interact. In order to moderate these messages, it is important to make sure you are on top of any hashtag or trending topic that is directly relatable to your brand. You want to listen to what is going on, then interact and engage with the audience.

If a post is negative, never respond in anger! Always treat the individual with a respectable and kind tone. You can never go into their level of aggressiveness because it leads to a negative vibe towards your brand. It is always best to resolve issues in accordance with the “brand message” you are representing. Always keep it clean!

Never forget, if you are moderating conversation and you don’t feel you can come up with a respectable resolution, ask for advice. It is never worth harming your brand because you don’t send the right message.


2 thoughts on “Moderation Sensation

  1. Some nice insights here.

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