The Workplace and Social Media

Social media in the workplace…I don’t really feel workers using social media during their work hours are bad, as long as it isn’t overdone—and in some scenarios, it can actually be a positive! I facebookworkprobably check Facebook 5 times a day, but when I do at work when the situation doesn’t “really” call for it, I’ll simply browse for under a minute. I think checking Facebook or other social outlets is the equivalent of making a personal phone call, texting or basically doing anything throughout the day that isn’t related to the job. I don’t see an issue with using social media while on the job as long as it’s kept in good context and relatively short.

Best Buy© has taken an interesting stance as far as their social media guidelines. Taking the fact of whether or not to say where you work in your blog, I say there’s no harm in that. I do agree with Best Buy assuring employees act responsibly and ethically, but at the same time they shouldn’t misrepresent who they are. I like this because this prevents falsehood online. Trying to assert oneself as a “higher power” online is just cheesy and outdated—it’s fake!


Walmart’s© guidelines bring up some good issues about ensuring staff actually read the social media policy. It’s actually quite respectable in the face they want to ensure nothing is done that can come back to hurt the brand. Looking into it a little more about the importance of having employees know online ethics, it makes sense. It’s hard to “force” employees to act a certain way on their personal social media profiles, yet that is what these big brands want. The way you act on social media is now a direct interpretation and judgment of how you will act in the workplace.

Oracle© takes a much too aggressive stance with their social media guidelines. Stating that social media activities must not interfere with work activities. Like I said before, if taking a personal call or texting is considered not working efficiently, then social media shouldn’t be banned. As long as these situations arise that aren’t part of the job, it’s not ethical to chose that one is allowed. If anything, Oracle should use the fact they have avid social media users and try to get them on board with the brand message.

I feel social media at work can bring about opportunities, especially if someone is finding something about the brand or a way to enhance its online presence. If I was a boss and knew my employees were on social media…I’d use that to my advantage. I’d have them check out the brand, make sure everything is running smoothly with our online outlets, perhaps send a tweet or two, maybe a Facebook post. I think combining social media for personal and professional use can actually be a good thing for a brand.



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